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Roger Weiss, MD

Roger Weiss Headshot

Chief of the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse at McLean Hospital. Professor of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital

Contact:     (617) 855-2242


Dr. Weiss is an international expert in co-occurring substance use disorder and psychiatric illness, with landmark work in treatment of substance dependence among those with bipolar disorder and treatment of prescription opiate use disorder. Dr. Weiss brings invaluable expertise in conduct of clinical treatment trials in those with psychiatric (particular bipolar) and substance use disorders (particularly alcohol and opiate use disorders) to the mentor team of the K12. He serves as director of the Partners HealthCare Clinical Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Training Program, with Dr. Evins as the MGH Site Director of the fellowship training program. The fellowship, which trains 3 addiction psychiatrists per year, will be a source of highly promising K12 Scholar candidates. Dr. Weiss serves as a-PI of the New England Consortium Node of the NIDA Clinical Trials Network, in which Dr. Rigotti is a co-investigator, and will be able to provide superb mentored clinical research opportunities in this capacity. Dr. Weiss has research collaborations with Drs. Lukas, Janes, and Kelly on the Program faculty. He currently supervises three pre-doctoral trainees and several junior faculty members.


Current Projects

The national drug abuse treatment clinical trials network

NIDA 1U10 DA015831

2015– 20

The purpose of this grant is to conduct drug abuse research studies in medical settings and community treatment programs


Opioid use and abuse in the dialysis population

NIDA 1R21DA041682 2017-19

The aim of this grant is to compare the cardiac safety of different opioids used to treat opioid use disorder and to treat pain in patients receiving dialysis treatment.


Mentoring in drug abuse and dual diagnosis research

NIDA 1K24 DA022288 2012–18

The aim of this project is to enable Dr. Weiss to expand his capacity to mentor junior investigators who are embarking on a research career in drug abuse.

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