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Elyse Park, MPH

Elyse Park Headshot

Director of Behavioral Research, Tobacco Research and Treatment Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology), Harvard Medical School

Contact:     (617) 724-6836


Dr. Park’s research focuses on improving and integrating behavioral health treatment among cancer populations and populations at risk for cancer, especially tobacco users. She develops motivational and mind-body interventions for smoking cessation and chronic stress. She has an extensive portfolio of research integrating tobacco cessation interventions into clinical settings, including prenatal care, lung screening and her current R01 and K24 on smoking cessation integrated into cancer care. She is also an expert in qualitative research design and directs the Qualitative Research Unit at the MGH Division of Clinical research. She is active nationally in many expert panels on tobacco cessation in cancer care including NCI’s Smoking Cessation Initiatives at NCI Cancer Centers, the American Society of Clinical Oncology,   the National Community Cancer Network Smoking Cessation Guidelines. She currently mentors three post-doctoral trainees, two pre-doctoral trainees, and many junior faculty; she collaborates closely with Drs. Levy, Rigotti, and Winickoff.


Current Projects

Examining delivery of integrated tobacco treatment in cancer care

NCI K24 CA197382 2015-20

To expand our knowledge of how to develop and deliver evidence-based tobacco treatment for diverse cancer patients.

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